Das Wappen von Eksjö. The Twin Town Partnership between Eksjö and Neusäss came into being on 21st October 1995. Eksjö lies in the uplands of southern Sweden in the province of Småland. Over 16,000 people live in Eksjö.

The town is famous for its wooden house architecture. The medieval buildings of the old town and the many wooden houses are almost all under monument protection.

As well as its varied cultural landscape, Eksjö is also a town of museums. In the “Eksjö Museum” for example, there is a permanent exhibition of civic history, displaying the development of the town over the centuries.

The natural landscape surrounding Eksjö is extremely impressive, mostly forests and traditional farming communities. The Skurugata Canyon is also a highlight to be seen.

Not far from Eksjö is Vimmerby, the birthplace of Astrid Lindgren. Here a leisure park reminds us of all the characters in her novels. A “movie village”, also dedicated to the works of Astrid Lindgren opened in 2017.

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